Random Crashes During Blockchain Sync

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Valorant - How To Fix Random Freeze & CrashesBlock hashes can be considered neither random nor pseudo-random. Miners can choose which transactions to include in a block, and don’t have to broadcast every block they find. For example, a miner could refuse to broadcast a block unless the block hash ends in a 1 bit.

Question about blockchain syncing. My network went down around 3am and I discovered the outage when I woke up at 7am. In that time my miner got bored and started its own fork. I recovered the network and waited 15 minutes to see if geth would sync to the correct chain, but it did not, so I removed the blockchain and began to re-download it.

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Kava Labs CEO Brian Kerr explains why they chose Cosmos SDK, while claiming it’s "very difficult" to build on Ethereum.

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Let There Be Light! (eth Fork) Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol – ethereum/go-ethereum. fixes as well as implementations of all EIPs currently scheduled for the upcoming Berlin fork. At its most extreme, you can set it to 1 , to prune all past indexes. Initial version of a light server priority API to allow incentivized services (#20070). Telegraph gardening

Hi all, I am running monero on windows 10 64-bit. For some reason today it stopped working. The daemon just won’t stay up for very long. I’m about 4 days behind and cannot get synced. Here are the last bit of logs before it crashes. PS. I am terribly sorry about the formatting. I’m not sure how to fix it.

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