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01/09/2018  · This Friday Haipo Yang, the CEO of Viabtc and Coinex issued a Medium blog recommending the establishment of a standardization institution like the World Wide Web’s W3C consortium. Haipo Yang aspires to originate a related group called the Bitcoin Cash Standard Organization (BCSO) in order to build standards and achieve better transparency when it comes.

VIABTC CEO Haipo Speach part2 on bitcoin unlimitted hk meetup.It was founded in May 2016 by Yang Haipo, the current CEO of the company.

ViaBTC started out as a Bitcoin mining pool and extended its services to cloud.

ViaBTC hold a strategic upgrade conference today. Haipo Yang, Founder and CEO of ViaBTC (middle), and Eddie Jiang, VP of ViaBTC (first from right), attended. (Photo: Business Wire).

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16 Abr 2019.

Este martes 16, Haipo Yang, CEO de CoinEx y ViaBTC, anunció que está considerando retirar a BSV de sus plataformas. Yang comentó en su.

17 Nov 2016.

To learn more about ViaBTC's motivation, Bitcoin Magazine reached out to CEO Haipo Yang. Haipo, you've made it clear you want a hard fork.

01/09/2018  · The Viabtc CEO says Bitcoin is a consensus protocol that “should be defined by documentation instead of software codes.” In order to avoid incompatibility and possible blockchain splits, Yang believes client protocols should be very careful when making code changes. To begin creating standards and documentation Yang proposes the initiation of a BCH-centric.

51524191543_.pic.jpg. YANG Haipo – CEO of ViaBTC, was graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University of China in 2012, majored in mathematics.

9 Jul 2019.

BitDeer Founder & CEO Celine Lu Attended Bitcoin 2019 to Discuss the.

pools in the world including, AntPool, F2Pool, and ViaBTC.

ViaBTC company information is one of those classic stories that many crypto businesses share. It starts with CEO Haipo Yang, sitting in front of the computer and coding the pool endlessly. Through hard work, Yang managed to create the system and launched a fundraiser in 2016, effectively starting the company. Gradually, ViaBTC grew to be one of the largest crypto companies in the.

ViaBTC Group, an innovative technology company specialized in blockchain and dedicated to providing users with comprehensive digital asset management services, today announced a strategic upgrade,

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